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What’s keeping you ahead of your competition? For Scott Wilkinson, President of Wilkinson & Associates ERA Powered in Charlotte, N.C., it has been his partnership with According to Wilkinson, has been a game changer for his team in terms of generating quality leads, securing listings and drawing as much traffic as possible to his company’s website.

“ is a widely recognized name, a site seen by a lot of people as they search for homes on the Internet,” says Wilkinson, who partnered with about two years after franchising with ERA. In fact, he states that his company has sold a lot more homes on the Internet this past year than ever before because of increased consumer confidence and fewer online restrictions. Furthermore, he states that their spike in sales can be attributed to the sheer number of increased leads and levels of exposure.

“We’ve seen an 8-9 percent increase in traffic to our website, which is in direct relation to an increase of 8-9 percent more leads coming in,” Wilkinson explains. In each of the seven markets his company serves, Wilkinson has employed’s Broker Preferred Listings. Using this tool, “Wilkinson & Associates ERA Powered” appears at the top position of any search page. In addition to driving more traffic and providing them with a competitive edge, the enhanced listings feature provides them with more exposure, since they come up first during searches initiated by potential clients.

Wilkinson states, “You can get a million leads, but they don’t mean anything if you don’t have a way to follow up with those leads.” To guarantee that his team is able to take full advantage of every lead they receive, each of them come straight through the Internet Leads Team or Lead Router and straight back to the company. This allows Wilkinson’s agents to respond to each consumer immediately, allowing prospective buyers to go straight from searching on to talking to an agent within a matter of seconds.

“The exposure we are getting from not only creates more leads, it also draws in more buyers and increases our sellers,” says Wilkinson. While having a system in place so that leads can be routed to agents as quickly as possible is important, for Wilkinson and his team of agents, promoting the advantages of the partnership to both buyers and sellers is equally as important. “The exposure we are getting from not only creates more leads, it also draws in more buyers and increases our sellers,” says Wilkinson. “In fact, when out on listing presentations, we make sure sellers understand that we can get their properties a lot more exposure than the competition because of our partnership with”

“Keeping our website in front of prospective buyers is all about making sure we get the sale rather than someone else,” Wilkinson concludes. To discover how Broker Preferred Listings can help get your listings in front of even more buyers, visit or call 888-510-8795.