7 Ways to Compete With iBuyers

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Change is coming. There is a new way for homeowners to sell a home: iBuyer programs. Homeowners can get an instant cash offer over the internet for their house. While this sounds great, it is not without its downsides for both the seller and potentially your business…

Win and Sell More Listings When You Understand the Three “P”s

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As an agent, you have many responsibilities when it comes to selling a listing. You have to be able to price, package, and position the listing so that you can sell the home quickly. That is exactly what real estate maverick Jim Remley had to say about…

Interviews | Anne Jones | First Year as a Broker

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Deb interviews Tacoma agent Anne Jones to find out what her first year of owning and running a brokerage has been like. Recorded March 2019.

Chris Smith | Increase Your GCI by 50%

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Curaytor co-founder Chris Smith,  presents his 12-step, comprehensive approach to marketing, automation and systems in this  November 2014 webinar.

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Listing Videos

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Showcasing your listing before an open house is important because it can help potential buyers determine if they should visit the home or not.  Buyers usually look at photos, videos, and may even take a virtual tour of the home to see if it is something that…