Winter Holiday Staging Checklist for Your Clients

by | November 14, 2019 | Lead Management | 0 comments

Winter is the most holiday-packed season of the year, and sellers rarely want to give up on the opportunity to dress their home for the occasion. Here are ten tips to help your clients celebrate the season in style while creating an appealing atmosphere for potential buyers….

3 Open House Themes to Sell Your Listing This Halloween

by | October 25, 2019 | Lead Management | 0 comments

Decorating your listings for Halloween can be fun and help generate extra interest in your listing, especially if you’re planning to host a ”haunted” open house. Here are three themes that can add some spooky or classy Halloween flair to your listings. Pick one to use at…

Seasonal Tactics to Keep Your Momentum Going this Fall

by | October 16, 2019 | Lead Management | 0 comments

The last quarter of the year is one of the slower times for real estate in many markets. This leaves many agents wondering how to keep their momentum going through the end of the year. Luckily, even though many prospective buyers will start putting their home-buying plans…

How to Get More Leads from

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You can never have too many lead generation sources, and your account comes with a variety of ways you can generate and convert extra leads. Check out this list of 8 free, quick, and easy ways you can leverage your account to generate more leads…

Strategies for Building Wealth

by | October 8, 2019 | Lead Management | 0 comments

Financial success is a key part of any career. In the most recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, “Got Wealth? Use Real Estate For More Than a Paycheck,” Dirk Zeller tells listeners how to create this success and build their wealth through real estate. Dirk Zeller…

Open House? Live Tweet It.

by | October 2, 2019 | Lead Management | 1 comment

Social media is a great way to market yourself as a real estate agent. You may find yourself looking at new ways to share a listing or advertise for an open house. One great way you can showcase an open house is by live tweeting it.  Twitter…