New Jersey native Jacqueline Balza became a real estate broker in 2009. Since then, she has cultivated her real estate experience by working the diverse real estate New Jersey offers from beaches and rural farmland to the big city and everything in between.

Jacqueline currently works out of the North Jersey office of United Real Estate, where she prides herself on straightforward, honest advocacy for her clients. Every buyer and seller can benefit from the knowledge and skillful advice of an experienced REALTOR® like Jacqueline Balza.

Responsible for my own leads.

Whether you work in a small office or a large multi-office franchise, the bottom line is that as a real estate agent you are ultimately responsible for driving new business. This means going out and fill­ing your sales pipeline with new leads and then converting them into closed transactions.

Like most agents, Jacqueline has always depended on her close sphere of influence for the majority of her business. However, she wanted to find a way to add to and grow her baseline sales by finding other buyers and sellers in her area. That is why Jacqueline decided to invest in online advertising.

Limited advertising budget.

Jacqueline started advertising on another site before Homes.com. The initial invest­ment was at the edge of her budget, so when Homes.com contacted her about a less expensive alternative in her area, she was interested and decided to give it a try.

One of the biggest challenges agents ex­perience with online leads is making con­tact with the leads coming in. “Every lead counts for me,” said Jacqueline. “I spend money to make money.” When leads come in she jumps right in and gives them a call, and if she still misses them on that first call, she will shoot them a text and continue following up. “I reach the majority of the leads coming in from Homes.com, and most don’t have a REALTOR® yet. I can start showing them homes right away”

Flexible advertising solutions.

Jacqueline started with Homes.com Local Connect in a couple of zip codes at about half what she was paying on the other site. Over time, as she saw results, she was able to adjust her investment. “Homes.com was really flexible with me. I really appreciate that when I need­ed them they picked up the phone and worked with me and my budget.”

Although the initial price was lower on Homes.com, she noticed that the most important difference was the clear branding Homes.com Local Connect offered – something that was missing on the other site. “When I started getting leads from Homes.com, it was like they already knew me a little. They saw my face all over on the listings in the area they were looking to buy and they knew I was working in that area.”

“I reach the majority of the leads coming in from Homes.com, and most don’t have a REALTOR® yet. I can start showing them homes right away.”

-Jacqueline Balza

Make it Happen.

Not every lead is ready when they ask about a property, but Jacqueline does not let that slow her down. “You can make excuses or you can make it happen,” Jacqueline explained. “I was working with this one customer a couple months ago that came in from Homes.com and she was not quite ready to make a move. So I set her up on an automated search email. She just called me the other day and said she has been looking at my emails every day and she is ready to make that move now.”

After one year Jacqueline has already generated a
450% ROI
and has several more deals in the works.

“Homes.com is exactly what I was looking for to augment the sales I was already generating from my sphere of influence. I can feel the momentum growing!”

-Jacqueline Balza

Are you ready to add another source of leads to your sales pipeline? Homes.com Local Connect is the perfect solution to get you exposure in the areas you work and introduce you to active buyers and sellers.


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