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MENUMENU Call Tracking measures marketing performance

NORFOLK, Va., Aug. 4, 2009 — Savvy real estate professionals have rediscovered one of the best tools for generating qualified leads online: the telephone. To help agents and brokers measure the effectiveness of their online listings and other marketing campaigns,, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has introduced Call Tracking on its real estate portal.

“Today, it’s essential for real estate professionals to measure performance and show return on investment for every dollar,” says Jason Doyle, vice president and general manager. “But in many cases, agents and brokers see only half the picture with Web reporting. The addition of Call Tracking features enables advertisers to track and measure leads and results from both online and phone inquiries.”

Call Tracking monitors and measures inbound phone responses to brokers’ and agents’ Web sites, property listings and marketing campaigns including online or print ads, and paid search. Placing the same call-tracking numbers on print campaigns enables real estate professionals to evaluate the effectiveness of direct mail, print ads, yard signs and other types of direct response advertising. subscribers can affordably assign unique local or toll-free numbers that ring to the agent’s regular business phone. The numbers can be used to track any online or offline campaign. Call Tracking and reporting enables real estate professionals to:

• Track both Web and phone leads from listings
• Measure customer phone response and ROI for each ad or listing
• View reports that provide time, date and duration of call and caller name, address, and phone number where available
• Capture qualified leads, including personal details and contact information
• Attract new business and convert more callers to customers

Call tracking is currently offered for the City Search Professional product and soon will be included in other products and services.