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The real estate market can be a complicated and stressful proposition for grown-ups. But as far as kids are concerned, it’s all child’s play! Kids may not be experts when it comes to real estate, but many of them still have opinions about it. is presenting a simpler side of real estate with their hilarious Kids Say The Darndest Things-esque video series, titled “Kids Playhouse.” In video vignettes, these future house hunters give their innocent, precious and absolutely hilarious take on REALTORS® and the best ways to buy and sell a house. Our young homebuyers might be a little foggy on the details, but what they lack in experience, they certainly make up for in enthusiasm.

While kids think buying and selling a home is easy, we know it isn’t quite child’s play. We see how much time and effort you, as an agent, put into making the home buying and selling process as simple as possible for your clients, so they can be just as stress-free as these wide-eyed tykes.

Check out the rest of the Kids Playhouse series to instantly brighten-up your day and help remind you why you decided to become an agent in the first place — to help your clients find the home they’ve always wanted, even since they were kids.