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As a real estate professional, you have many items to check off your list when showing a property, staging a home, and throughout the selling process. The details are endless and many of them can be judged as a personal preference, but we have provided two HOT checklists, one for buyer agents and one for seller agents.

The summer months can be very busy with school closings, allowing for increased availability for consumers to move, and with increased business, we hope these HOT tips can help you stay on top of each property. Remember, these are only a few favorites, and you can share more below or on our Facebook page,  Best of luck this summer from!

Seller Agent HOT Tips

  • Sweep porches, decks and any other walkways
  • Clean the gutters
  • Clear lawn of any trash or debris
  • Repaint doors, if they are starting to peel, and oil hinges
  • Remove debris from roof


  • Each room should be clutter free.
  • During showings, always turn lights on.
  • If carpet looks like it needs to be replaced, discuss with clients and explain how replacing it could change the entire look and value of the home.  This change could also make a lasting impression on a buyer.
  • Keep floor clear of items that do not belong there.
  • If possible, keep pets outside during a showing.
  • Remind the sellers that it’s best they not be present during the showing; it can make the buyer feel uncomfortable.
  • Replace old doormats with new ones.
  • Organize kitchen cabinets and the pantry.
  • Suggest any excess items be removed or stored out of sight.
  • A new buyer wants to imagine them self in the house, so removing family photos while your home is on the market can allow the buyer to picture themselves in your home.
  • Replace broken windows and screens.

Buyer Agent HOT Tips

  • Remind your clients of the important geographical variables (school, work, etc.).
  • Ask if the house meets the buyer’s budget.
  • Determine whether the buyers have been pre-approved for a mortgage.
  • Check the age of the roof and look for any water damage in the ceilings.
  • Determine whether the home needs upgrades and if the buyers are prepared to make necessary renovations.
  • Discuss how long your buyers want to stay in the property, should they end up purchasing.
  • Check age on all major appliances (including furnace, refrigerator, AC unit, etc.).
  • Confirm the house does not have lead paint, Chinese dry wall, or any other unsafe material.
  • Ask the listing agent all your important questions and stay in touch!
  • Find out why the sellers are moving.
  • Always prepare a comparative market analysis for your client.

A first impression can be the reason you sell a property fast! There are many ways to improve your listing, but if you use our HOT tips to get started, you and your clients may see your property off the market quicker than you thought.  A lot of these suggested tips will ultimately be your clients’ responsibility, but as their real estate agent, your influence definitely makes a difference. Is it common for clients to agree to these suggestions?  What have you done to make a property look better? Share with us below.

Also, if you have a process you follow during a certain stage of your listing, showing, or staging process, comment below and we can add it to the list!