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The current state of the economy has caused many consumers to think twice before investing in a home, which is why now more than ever, real estate professionals have to establish trust for a client to want to work with them.

Chris Brogan, co-author of “Trust Agents” and President of New Marketing Labs, is discussing this topic at the Coldwell Banker Generation Blue conference taking place this week in Las Vegas. While agents may be overzealous about an opportunity to grab some business, it’s essential that they invest time in building a relationship and establishing trust with clients.
Some of the key things that Mr. Brogan mentions in his education session is that social media gives people the opportunity to see the individuals around you; whereas previously you would send out your advertisements to find people. Now you, through social media, you have the capability to see, read, understand and really think about what people are saying around you. So what do you do with this interconnectivity? Here’s a hint, do not sell right away!

Building trust is what you should be doing. One of the things that Mr. Brogan goes onto mentions in his book is that agents need to decide what their “game” is. What that essentially means is how is your strategy going to differentiate yourself from other real estate agents? Don’t be misguided by the notion that there is only one way to play the game or that you need to follow a certain path to get to win. Another tip that was mentioned is that agents need to find a niche that interests them and they can become a part of that community. To form a relationship with prospects, peers and clients you need to be authentic. The easiest way to be authentic is to find a community that you can become a part of and engage with others regarding.  This helps you “be there before that sale” which allows you to be the trusted resource or “go-to” guy prior to when a transaction is made.

The premise of agents building trust is to use the web in a very human way which allows you to build influence, reputation and awareness of your business. When you answer questions in person, think is this question is something others will ask? If so, take to your blog and post those answers for potentially thousands of other people to see. You would build a reputation for being knowledgeable. Question and Answer sites work in a similar capacity. Posting your real estate advice for the public to see generates awareness for your services and establishes you as a resource; both necessary tools to increase your business.

After the Generation Blue Conference ends this week real estate agents will need to take the tips and tricks learned and apply to their individual strategies. Remember that continually posts real estate marketing and advertising ideas to help.  So be sure to keep coming back!

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