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Facebook Insights

Everyone’s favorite social media site (I’m talking about Facebook, of course) is undergoing some major changes that will take effect on March 30th. We’ve done some research and viewed seminars, so we fully believe that these changes are definitely for the better, particularly for real estate agents/real estate professionals who are trying to broaden their reach.

With Facebook Insights, you’ll be able to review how many people engage with your page on a daily basis and see the analytics of where it’s coming from. According to Facebook, Insights:

“Provides Facebook Page admins and app developers with metrics on the performance of their Page or app. By understanding and analyzing trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, admins and developers are better equipped to improve their business with Facebook.”

In other words, Insights will keep you informed on how your business is growing via the social media circuit.

Something tied into Insights is the Talking About This feature. As the name suggests, this fairly new Facebook feature lumps together posts by friends/followers that share and discuss similar topics.

For example, the day of Whitney Houston’s funeral, Facebook grouped together all of the posts my friends uploaded in the late great singer’s memory (status updates, comments, likes, articles, and so forth.) I was even exposed to updates of friends of my friends. And, because of the subject’s popularity, Facebook kept the posts at or near the TOP of my feed.

Come March 30th, this amazing feature will be made even better — the posts will be uploaded in real time! So it will be as if your Facebook friends are, indeed, talking about things as opposed to just posting about things.

How these features bring you luck in real estate:

  • Post, engage, and increase reach. The more content you post on your business site, the more engagement you’re likely to get among your friends and followers. This means that the heightened activity on your page will also show up on friends of your friends’ pages. When your posts are exposed to friends of your friends, your reach increases, which could get you more leads!
  • Stay relevant. Knowing what other people are talking about keeps you in the loop and keeps you relevant. You can use this feature to manipulate your posts to be relevant and remain at the top of everyone’s feeds with the rest of the popular posts, once more increasing engagement and reach.

Facebook Insights and “Talking About This” are just a few updates that will benefit you and your real estate business. Keep your eyes on the blog as well as our Facebook Page to learn more!