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In a galaxy far, far away Agents and Brokers are harnessing the Force of Social Media for the good of their businesses and seeing big benefits. Using the fundamental principles and tools of Jedi Masters, I will teach you how to harness Light and Dark Sides of the Force, build a Lightsaber, and how to harness “Jedi Mind Tricks” for good! Join me on this journey, and may the Force be with you!

The Force

There are two sides to the omnipresent “Force” throughout that Star Wars franchise, just as there are good and bad reviews. If you’re familiar with the films, then you’ll know that fan-favorite Yoda was one of the most powerful characters because he fully understood all aspects of the Force– which included the Light (good) and Dark (bad). The same concept corresponds to your online reputation and understanding how both the good and bad reviews can impact your business!

Good reviews are always welcome, but do you know how to handle the bad reviews? One of the perks of working with Platinum products is access into our world-class reputation management system which allows you to keep an eye on your reputation, as well as that of your competition! It allows you to quickly see if a bad review pops up, and respond to it in a timely manner. Your first instinct may be to delete or ignore the bad review, but this is one of the worst things you can do! Respond politely and respectfully, and address the issues that are mentioned in the review. Allow other viewers who may see this conversation to see your side of the story, as well as you fixing the wrong that happened. When addressing the negative review, really try to imagine how the customer feels, and empathize with the situation.

Some industry experts say that having a small handful of moderate to negative reviews is actually a good thing! I’m not saying go out and do a disservice to your customers right away to obtain the bad reviews, but if they happen, it’s not the end of Alderaan! The negative reviews help provide authenticity to your unique services. Learning to appreciate the negative reviews is a hard pill to swallow, but use them as a learning opportunity and unique pieces of feedback that will help strengthen your business in the long run!

The Lightsaber

In Star Wars lore, the lightsaber is one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy! Your most powerful weapon as a real estate professional is your intimate knowledge of the industry and the areas you work! Use your knowledge to carve out a unique position for yourself by posting what you know to your social media sites!

Your audience and community wants an insider perspective when making one of the biggest purchase decisions of their lives! If you’re not sure what to post, some of the previous Social  Fuel articles can help inspire your content! Your knowledge is  a strong weapon and crucial tool in your arsenal: make it work for you!

Jedi Mind Tricks

The cornerstone of this profession is that you are a sales professional! Even if business may be slowing down during the Winter months, your social media following doesn’t need to know that! Now is the time to ramp up your social strategy so that potential clients will realize that you are the agent they’re looking for and will want to use! How can you do this? Content, content, content. Posting your listings, open houses, and business successes are crucial tools of the trade in positioning yourself as a credible representative!

Another way to give the illusion of a booming business is to start investing in Facebook ads to build up your audience, known as “Page Like Ads” or “Promote Your Page.” Through these ads, you target potential customers to like your Facebook Business Page. Building up your following and showing credibility throughout the winter season will help make for an extremely successful Spring and Summer selling season since you invested time in growing your network when no one else was. Stay tuned next issue as I delve further into paid Facebook ads and how they can propel your business into another galaxy!

That’s it for this month! Use these tools wisely on your journey to becoming a Social Media Jedi Master. If you notice a theme of me constantly mentioning good content, it’s because good content is king! Your social following craves unique content that isn’t easily found–give them what they want! It’s crucial to good business and maintaining a strong online reputation.

As always, if you want more information, call your friendly Social Media Account Manager at 866-236-0313–we’re happy to help!