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MENUMENU is the place for your business to GROW and our partnership with real estate guru Barbara Corcoran has made it even easier for that to happen. You may recognize Corcoran from ABC’s hit business series “Shark Tank”, where she seeks investment opportunities in new businesses and offers entrepreneurs advice on how to grow their own businesses.

Over the past few weeks Corcoran has highlighted a range of tools offered by and identified trends that can better connect you with clients and improve the way you market your business. Corcoran sharing this content on her largely followed social channels has driven a significant amount of unique visitors back to, ultimately providing you with more opportunities to connect these potential clients.  Barbara’s celebrity status and overwhelming knowledge of the real estate market, has landed her interviews on huge media outlets where she specifically mentions as being a valuable resource in the home buying process. 


We know you’re busy and maybe didn’t have the opportunity to catch everything, so wants to sum it all up for you. Who knows, one of these could be the one thing you’re missing to take your business to the next level. Let’s jump right into it!

The real estate industry has its ups and downs and it sometimes can be difficult to keep up with everything that’s going on in the market. The Local Market Index and Rebound report provides conditions on the housing market at a national level and presents a detailed examination of the nation’s top 300 markets. It’s no secret that understanding the market is a key factor for being successful, which is why Corcoran finds these reports to be a valuable asset to real estate professionals. In fact, Corcoran highlighted these reports and expressed the value that provides to home buyers during her interview with the Wall Street Journal!

Barbara Corcoran has built one of the nation’s most recognizable real estate brands, so it’s safe to say that she knows a thing or two about evolving a business. As competitive as the real estate industry is, it can sometime be difficult for someone just getting into real estate. To help get you on a path to success Corcoran shared tips that will help you establish yourself in your local market. She also provided her expertise in “Secrets to Success in Today’s Real Estate Market,” which highlights different strategies that she believes to be helpful in becoming known as the local expert.

While these tips are helpful in building your business, connecting with consumers is undoubtedly the best way to continue growing it. Millennials have taken over the housing market and in order to get their attention, you’re going to need a new marketing strategy. Getting recognized by these young homebuyers you will require you to create content that will keep them coming back by using visual storytelling, crowdsourcing and the social networks they use every day.

Once you’ve got their attention, providing them with the tools that help them through the home buying process will reiterate why you are the local expert. Take the Home Values widget for example, this tool will allow your clients and prospects to search for home values in areas surrounding the listing they may be interested in. Since today’s consumer is the definition of “on-the-go,” the Commute Time widget allows them to search the distance between a listing and any of their points of interests.

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