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As the nation’s housing market continues to bounce back, you’ve probably noticed an increasing amount of buyers and sellers making their move to the market. Success in real estate relies on taking advantage of every opportunity to capture new clients and maintaining relationships with existing ones. With that said, how are you managing your leads and listings?

For Tony Stephens, chief information officer at Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage, has been the best solution. Stephens began his real estate career as a marketing professional, leading the IT Department and heading up Membership and Marketing for the Georgia MLS. Then in 2001, he made his move into the real estate industry.

From his experiences in different areas of the industry, whenever Stephens finds a marketing system that actually works – not only does he stick with it, he goes to great lengths to ensure his entire team knows how to use it. According to Stephens, is one of these cases.  “I had a really good feel for’s products and services from my time with Georgia MLS, and they offer a solid platform for our agents,” explains Stephens, who wasted no time in establishing a partnership with once he joined Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage.

“We have gone from one office and 85 agents to five offices and about 500 agents,” explains Stephens, after mentioning the immense success with’s Broker Preferred Listings Package. “Each REALTOR® has access to the Connect Dashboard, and we have our branding on every listing,” says Stephens. “While we’re only about three months into our partnership with, our agents find the entire platform very easy to use. And more importantly, they’re gaining leads.”

In addition to the Preferred Listing product,’s Lead Gator System provides his agents with a competitive advantage and helps set them apart in today’s highly challenging market. Easily accessed through the Homes Connect Dashboard, the system brings in listings from other international portal sites.

“Any leads that come into these portals will be directed to the agent’s dashboard,” says Stephens. Furthermore, he finds’s integration with mobile devices allows his agents to pull the leads up anywhere, anytime.  “If the REALTOR® is spending money on these portals, they can see the leads come in, and they are aggregated into a single location. They can also include additional photos to the 25 already allowed through the MLS feed, which goes a long way toward positioning their listings higher in search engines.”

The greater Atlanta market is continuing to show improvement, and Stephens anticipates a likely expansion of his brokerage’s use of the invaluable tools from, specifically CMAzing and a buyer’s tour integration.  Stephens is so confident in the products provided by that he uses them as a recruiting and retention tool for prospective agents. According to Stephens, the reason Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage remains with is simple. “They’ve been around for a while; they’re cost feasible, user-friendly and effective.”

Get your listings in front of more prospective buyers with’s Broker Preferred Listings. For more information, visit or call 888-510-8795.