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MENUMENU Questions and Answers: Connecting home buyers and sellers to real estate agents.

One of the biggest enhancements on the newly re-launched is the NEW Questions and Answers community. The Questions and Answers community enables real estate agents and home buyers to connect on all topics related to real estate. This new community gives real estate agents more opportunities to generate more new business and establish new contacts in the areas selected!

Home buyers and sellers can connect with the network of real estate agents for expert advice, recommendations and research on any real estate related topic.

As a real estate agent, get a jump on your competition by signing up for the question alerts in your area and start connecting with consumers by answering questions and attracting new business.

Begin interacting on Questions and Answers community:

1. Sign up or login to

2. In your control panel, click on the Q&A tab where you can view, manage or resolve questions and answers.

3. Create email alerts to be notified when new questions are posted in your area – be the first agent to answer consumer’s questions. Remember, in real estate, a quick response is everything to a home buyer or seller and can be the difference between gaining or losing a client. So, create an email alert for recently asked questions by clicking on the alerts tab in your control panel.

4. Another good practice is to pick the locations that you service, as well as the categories that are closest to your specialty. Just type in your location and choose the categories from the drop down menu, Then, click add alert to start receiving your email alerts.

Join the conversation!Connect with home buyers and sellers on the Questions and Answers community today!