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You’ve probably heard the expression “April showers bring May flowers,” and if you have, chances are April is a rainy season where you live. Rain is a wonderful thing. It feeds the plants, waters our gardens, replenishes the ecosystem and makes ducks really happy.

However, rain can also be a major inconvenience, especially when you are showing a home or holding an open house. Here are a few things to remember during this rainy spring season:

  • Put a few extra umbrellas in your car and at your office. The weather report may tell you which day it is going to rain, but you rarely know what time it will start. You don’t want to cancel a showing or open house just because it might rain. You also don’t want to get caught in the rain without your umbrella and meet a potential client with soaking wet hair and clothes. Plan ahead, make sure you always have an umbrella with you.
  • Don’t track the rain, mud and debris into a home. A soaking wet interior is a deal breaker when showing a home, especially when you didn’t realize it was dirty before you walked the client in. This is most important for vacant homes as smudges, tracks and puddles will stand out even more. It could be very embarrassing to walk a client into a messy home.
  • Parking in the rain is also an issue. Everyone has experienced, or at least seen someone, stepping out of their car and into a big puddle of muddy water. What an unpleasant experience! You could ruin a good pair of shoes, not to mention it’s not very comfortable walking around in squishy shoes. On days where you know it will rain most of the day, make sure you visit the house before your client so that you are aware of any puddles and can notify your client of the best places to park. If your client is riding in your vehicle, it may be best to drop them off before you park.

In today’s Internet driven society, the personal touch of a real estate agent is what separates one agent from another. Taking note of these few tips could portray you as someone who puts thought, care, and effort into every aspect of their business. Remember, after the showers come the flowers; maybe this will help your business bloom.

If you have any other wet weather tips, feel free to leave a comment! Or better yet, tell me your rain horror stories when showing a home.