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Real estate professionals are always looking for new and convenient ways to share property videos with their clients, contacts, and friends. With today’s technology, it’s easy to record video from your mobile device. However, trying to share that video with someone is sometimes a bit more challenging. The files are usually too big for text or email, and posting a video to YouTube might not be the best solution when you want to share a property video with someone. So what can a real estate professional do that is quick, easy, and free? I suggest SocialCam, a new social video app for smartphones that can make sharing video content with clients easier than ever.

SocialCam is a free app that’s currently available for iPhone, Android, and Facebook. It is being called the “Instagram of video” because of its easy-to-share format and wild popularity. Just a few weeks ago, it became the number one downloaded app on Facebook.

Here’s how it works: Users can download the free app on their smartphone or activate the app on their Facebook page. Once they do this, they can create a profile (it’s especially easy if you log in with Facebook). At this point, you can view videos that have been uploaded on the site, which is similar to YouTube. On your smartphone, you can click on the SocialCam app and use it to also record video. For example, if I walk into a home that I know one of my buyers would love, I could use SocialCam to record the home as I’m walking through and narrating the property features. I can then share it with my clients on Facebook by clicking “Share on Facebook.” It’s that easy!

Perhaps the best feature of this app is recording time. There are other social video apps out there, such as Viddy and Tout, but they limit video posts to only 15 seconds per clip. With SocialCam, you can record video for as long as you want!  This is what separates SocialCam from all the rest, and that’s why it’s the hottest video sharing app on Facebook today. This app is a must for the active real estate professional.

Video sharing has made the real estate industry more mobile. Being able to share video tours and information about properties via social networks and mobile apps enables real estate professionals to work more efficiently and be able to multi-task much easier than ever before. There are several good apps out there today, but very few great apps. SocialCam is one of the few that can really make a difference in your business. Download it today!