Share some inspirational Fourth of July party ideas with your clients to celebrate this great country! The Idea Gallery is packed to the brim with summer food and drink recipes, barbecue tips, festive decor, staycation ideas and other party tips.

Summer Fun for Everyone

The customizable Red, White and BBQ Guide is your ticket to an all-American celebration, and an even better summer! Take advantage of the one-of-a-kind side dishes, mouthwatering entrees, desserts, wine pairings and unique drinks to really win potential buyers over at your next open house. Download it and add your contact information, then start sharing it at open houses or send it to your clients for their own use. However you decide to use the guide, it’s a surefire way to stay top of mind and really impress your clients and prospects!

The All-American BBQ

What’s more American than a good ol’ fashioned BBQ? Get back into the swing of things with a little refresher from the Grill Like a Pro Infographic, which provides tips to master everything grill-related. Once you have the grill fired up, use’s Backyard Barbeque Tips for signature cocktails and beverages, tablescapes and even a “build your own shortcake” dessert bar that will impress your entire guest list! Maybe you have clients that love America’s favorite pastime – so share the Red, White & BBQ: Host a Hot Dog Grilling Party Guide to bring everyone’s favorite ballpark snack right to their backyard.

Delectable Dessert Dishes

After spending all day soaking up the sunshine, cool down with some homemade ice cream and root beer floats! After that, keep the celebration going and take an opportunity to show off your top-of-the-line kitchen with these 19 sweet ideas for July 4th that are full of American spirit!

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