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MENUMENU is dedicated to helping buyers and sellers find not just a home they will love, but an agent they can trust to guide them along the way. The new makes it easy to engage with more buyers and sellers on their journey. Here are a few of the opportunities waiting for you!
City Sponsor
The new City Sponsor ads take a smarter approach to advertising. Instead of large banner ads, City Sponsor offers native, in-line design that combats banner blindness to show up right where your sellers want to be – in the path of engaged buyers. A recent study by IPG and Sharethrough showed that native advertising was viewed 52% more frequently than traditional banner ads.

The ad itself is available by the city and features your six most relevant listings. Your contact information, including your name, brokerage, phone number, and social channels, is all prominently displayed.
Local Connect
Timing is crucial to winning a buyer or seller’s business, and Local Connect has always been a great way to reach the right consumers at the right time. On the new, Local Connect is better than ever. With this program, your photo is displayed, your profile is linked, your phone number is click-to-call, and your name is automatically selected on the contact forms in your zip codes. This makes it easy to connect with the 71% of buyers on that are not yet working with a real estate professional.

Preferred Listings
Sharing is nice, but getting exclusive leads from your listings is nicer. With Preferred Listings you get exclusive leads from your enhanced listings, preferred branding in search results, and the ability to highlight your listings with phrases like “waterfront” and “just listed!” Preferred Agents and Brokers are also recognized throughout; your listings, Local Connect Ads, and the agent directory all show your preferred status.

The new offers buyers and sellers a simply smarter way to connect with an agent and find their next home. With so many great changes, now is the perfect time to start engaging with more buyers and sellers on their journey. Find out more about the new advertising opportunities at (888) 651-8956 or send an email to
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