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As a real estate agent you base your marketing strategy by differentiating yourself from other real estate agents. You have some thing, that sets you apart from others and that’s how you can help home buyers, sellers or renters accomplish their goals. Why not put that specialty to good use on a mass medium, such as question and answer sites?

In May 2010, Yahoo Answers served its billionth answer on the web site. Besides having served its billionth answer, Yahoo also revealed that there are 823,966 questions and answers per day. Translating to over 34,000 questions and answers per hour or 570+ per minute!

According to Gil Reich, author of Q & A About Using Q & A Sites to Build Your Business & Reputation, by providing quality answers and links on Q&A sites, you are directing customers (and potential customers) to accurate information about your service, connecting with people in your market, building your reputation, generating prospects and providing links back to your site (which is extremely beneficial for SEO reasons).

I’m sure the number one thing you are thinking is time – the time that is required to dedicate to this task. While that is a valid concern, think of the Henry Ford quote “A man who stops advertising to save money, is like a man who stops the clock to save time.” You must dedicate the time to tasks that will reach your potential customers. You cannot stop advertising (i.e. question & answer sites) because you want to save money (opportunity costs doing something else). You must target your customers where they are and, as mentioned previously, question and answer sites are it!

As you may already know, has a Questions and Answers community. As such, we are providing you with the tools to engage with home buyers, sellers or renters to become a resource for their real estate needs. Put that marketing strategy to good use on a medium that will prove beneficial for your brand by Signing up for a account and start engaging consumers today!

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