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HDC_Valentines_Blog_2672_1200x600 (1)Valentine’s Day officially marks the end of engagement season and sees newly engaged couples begin planning their weddings and thinking about where they’re going to live. However, while new couples plan their futures together, those falling out of love are researching ways to get out of their marriages. Now is the time to start preparing your business for the seasonal pickup of spring by targeting newly engaged buyers and divorcing sellers.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, couples are waiting longer to get married, averaging in their late 20’s. With steadier careers and a focus on their future, many new couples are looking to buy their forever home before spending thousands of dollars on a lavish wedding. Many parents are even offering their kids the money they saved to pay for a wedding as a down payment on a home.

On the other hand, just as quickly as love flourishes, it can diminish. In the United States, between 40% and 50% of all couples get divorced. Divorces are exhausting, stressful, and can drag on for months or years. During the divorce process judges require the divorcing homeowners to sell their home; this is where you step in as a real estate professional. As the expert in your field you can make the divorce process easier, and as an added benefit for you, divorcing clients are motivated to sell and they want it done as quickly as possible.

Where to Find These

Buyers and Sellers

Network of Experts

Consider leveraging companies like LinkedIn which have been built around creating networks of local experts to help you find clients. When trying to locate newly engaged couples, you could rely on your network of friends, family, or local church members. However, including local experts in the wedding industry is beneficial because of the relationships built around the experience. Some of these experts include hairstylists, makeup artists, wedding/party planners, florists, and local venue managers. Locating divorcing couples might require networking with a few selected individuals due to the secrecy and stigma that comes with divorce. Divorce lawyers, accountants, and financial planners (to name a few) are sought out throughout the divorce process. Because they work with divorcees on a personal level and are entrusted with securing their futures, these professionals could be key to landing you these leads.

Wedding Expos

Larger cities across the United States hold multiple wedding expos a year. Renting a booth could be a great way of promoting your business and your services. If being a vendor is too costly, attending these shows as a guest is a great way to network with local vendors and meet numerous brides and grooms to be.


When reaching out to these two types of couples, understand that the needs are very different for each. For instance: those getting married are excited to start their life and they want everyone to share that excitement with them. You want to be the one to help them along this new journey and show them that there is no rush in finding their new home. However, when reaching out to couples getting divorced you want to demonstrate your professionalism and your expertise in the industry while being empathic to all the emotions they are feeling. They want the selling process to be as fast and painless as possible.

A great way to target audiences like newly engaged couples or marriages ending in divorce is by using Facebook’s advertising capabilities (you will need to have a Business Page set up in order to use Facebook Ads). By constantly tracking the website and search history, check-in locations, page likes, and relationship statuses of their users (among other things), Facebook Ad’s targeting system lets users narrow their audience to the narrowest demographics, behaviors, and/or interests.

Let’s look at some of the behaviors and interests that Facebook allows you to use when targeting audiences (we are going to target divorcees due to the difficulty of their current situation). When using interests like ‘divorce’ or ‘divorce court’ for your targeted audience, you want your ad to be neutral to both parties, simple, and to the point. Other interests include ‘happily divorced’ and ‘divorce party.’ These audiences show a more positive attitude regarding their divorce so your ads can be more colorful and include a hint of ‘relief.’ Facebook also allows you to search for audience’s based on job profession, allowing you to take a different approach to your ads and contact divorce professionals like ‘divorce lawyers.’

Some agents prefer to network with others face to face. The interaction is all part of the sale. However, in today’s fast paced environment, social media advertising can generate traffic to your website and boost your monthly leads. You don’t have to change the way you do business to advertise on social media; let someone else do it for you. Social Fuel handles everything from account setup, content creation, and engagement to managing your Facebook Ads. We will even monitor where your business ranks on major search engines while giving you the peace of mind to focus on selling real estate.