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Earlier this month at NAR 2012 (National Association of Realtors) there was so much to learn and today we will be sharing a very interesting piece we discovered from Realtor Magazine.

As you may know, the photos for your listing are very important and even if you have been in the business for years or are a rookie – these tips will help you stay ahead of the curve. If you stopped by our booth you may have learned some new things about Facebook from Jimmy Mackin or Pinterest from Erica Campbell – now use these tips for your new listing photos and their tips for social media; the combination could strengthen your brand as its viewed online.

9 Do’s and Don’ts for Listing Photos

Do accessorize. Adding pillows or inexpensive drapes can really brighten or even change the mood of a room.

Don’t take photos before staging. Hunt through the house for statement pieces that can be moved around the home. De-clutter as much as possible and remove personal items where you can. A little rearranging can make a huge difference to the room(photo).

Do go wide. Using a wide angle lens is best especially for close quarter rooms, or even small properties like cottages and condos.

Don’t stay in the dark. Light, light, light! Realtor Magazine says discovering the light in the house is best because you should focus on staging that area. These tend to be areas near windows that can really show details in the room, like a newly painted wall or brand new closet doors.

Do use equipment.  A good flash and an inexpensive tripod could change your regular photos to looking near expert. After coming across this article, its seems like those two purchases are a no brainer.

Do try different exposures.  Too much sunlight or too much flash is possibly, so play with the exposures in the camera, you will find balance with one if not two.

Don’t let them forget. Be memorable with your photos. An interesting detail like painting the door and trim a new color, could just be why your home is remembered.  One owner used yellow around her trim of the front door and it became known as the house with the yellow door around the neighborhood.

Do showcase the lifestyle. Whether its  a beach house or penthouse suite downtown – you can add anything from seashells to historic city guides on the wall to bring out the feel of the town.

Don’t promise too much. When providing the listing photos, remember that you don’t want anyone to be disappointed because your photos made the property look prettier than it actually is. “Beautiful photos are great, but the listing must be beautiful too.” – Realtor Magazine.


What are your favorite listing photo tips?