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Have you ever spent months developing great rapport with a client during a transaction, then found out they used a different agent for their next deal when they didn’t know how to get in touch with you? Keeping in touch with clients between sales can be tough, unless you can make your website so useful that they keep coming back, even after the sale. Here are seven tricks to ensure clients come back to your site again and again.

1. Resources – Add checklists, maintenance calendars, eBooks, and other useful resources to your website that will help homeowners with upkeep, maintenance, basic repairs, etc. Make each resource printable and remember to include your branding and contact information.

2. Community – Let your clients know what’s going on in and around your area. Is the high school putting on a play? Share it! Is there a parade next weekend? Let people know! Be the site people go to when they want to figure out their weekend plans.

3. Services – Did you have a great experience getting new tires the other day? Let your clients know where. Partner with packing, moving, or storage companies in your area to see if you can work out a cross-promotion deal. Everyone likes a good recommendation.

4. Interaction – Invite your website visitors to contribute. Let them leave testimonials about their neighborhood or vote on the best burger joint. Take a poll and share the top ten or #1 restaurant, park, theatre, etc. as voted on by your web visitors. Turn that list into a resource and use it to generate even more site visitors.

5. Blog – A lot of agents struggle with blogging, but there’s a reason this medium has stuck around so long: it’s a great way to consistently post relevant information and draw users to your website over and over again. You can blog about any number of topics, which helps you show up in search results outside of “homes for sale in…”

6. The Domain – Whether you keep your homeowner resources on your real estate site or operate a standalone website for your previous clients, it’s important to create a landing page specifically for your homeowners with a domain name that matches. Instead of sending your homeowners to something sales related like, you can send them to something targeted, like If your preferred domain name is already taken, keep in mind that recently released a new top-level domain option – .homes. Read more about the eligibility to see if this would be the perfect option for you!

7. Sharing – Once you have your resources ready, share them with your clients. Upload them on your website, post them on your social pages, or distribute them in person. Also make sure you are notifying your clients when you make new resources available, so you can continue to stay top of mind.

Do you have more tips on keeping clients coming back? Share them in the comments below! Looking for ways to connect with new clients? Ask us about advertising on! Give us a call at 888-651-8956.