Each month, the Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar brings you experts to help you learn and adopt new business strategies. This month, in honor of Veterans Day, we had Neil Brooks, Samantha Reeves, and Denise M. Jelinski-Hall share how you can help veterans access their VA loan entitlement and reach the goal of homeownership.

Neil Brooks is a Realtor®, Navy veteran, and the Branch Manager of HomeSmart International in Scottsdale, Arizona; Samantha Reeves is the Agent Education Manager at Veterans United Home Loans; and Denise M. Jelinski-Hall is the 3rd Senior Enlisted Advisor of the National Guard. Together, they shared all the information you need to start helping our veterans find a better way home. Find some of those reasons below then watch the full webinar to learn how to get started!

    1. “Veterans are a tight-knit group of people” and if you treat them right and do a good job for them, they’ll send plenty of referrals your way. – Brooks
    2. Veterans tend to be more organized, efficient, and open to listening to their agent’s advice, making them easier to work with.
    3. VA lenders can use seller concessions to pay down the borrower’s debt from credit cards, car loans, student loans, etc., making it easier for borrowers to afford their new home.
    4. A VA borrower can afford a more expensive house than an FHA borrower with the same financial situation because (1) VA loans allow borrowers to finance 100% of the loan, (2) borrowers don’t have a mortgage insurance fee, and (3) borrowers often qualify for lower interest rates.
    5. VA lending guidelines are more flexible than FHA and conventional loans on credit scores, short sales, and foreclosures.
    6. VA loans are good for single family homes, condos, townhouses, and other housing types, allowing you to explore a wide variety of housing options.

To find out more about VA loans (such as who’s eligible, how to serve this niche, and ideas to break into the market), find the full webinar at SecretsofTopSellingAgents.com. For more ideas on expanding your business in 2018, register for next month’s Secrets webinar, “Ninja Selling – Stop Selling and Start Attracting” with Larry Kendall. He’ll be discussing how you can increase your income per hour so you can have a life.