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Staying ahead of the competition in real estate is all about building top-of-mind awareness. This is especially true during the busy summer season. The more unique your approach the better, as it will set you apart from competitors who are attempting to capture the attention of the same audience.


Good old fashion mailers, business cards and the occasional “just checking in” phone call are all a great place to start, but it’s time to step it up a notch. Here are just a few unique local ideas to drive more attention to your brand this summer season!

1. Get Yourself Some Branded “Swag”

The trick here is to think about what your audience will use the most and put your branding on it! Bottles of sun block, a pair of sunglasses or even a cooler are all things that people will need throughout the summer. Send “swag bags” that include items like this to your clients and prospects or pass them out at open houses and they’ll remember your name each time they see it.

2. Participate in Local Events and Groups

Word-of-mouth is the leading driver of real estate referrals because people like to know they are working with someone they can trust. This is why building relationships with members of your community is such an effective way to create new business opportunities. By participating in local events and joining various groups or associations, you’ll be able to get face time with more people.

3. Show Off Your Community and Real Estate Expertise

Anything that can make the process of buying or selling a home easier for someone can go a long way for portraying your value. This is where resources like’s First-Time Homebuyer Mortgage Checklist come in to play, as it provides a list of things they can do to prepare for the mortgage application process. If you know someone is relocating to your community, provide them with a guide that highlights fun things to do in the area, the top restaurants and anything else that will help them settle in.

4. Use Local Content in all of Your Promotions

Nothing grabs a person’s attention like pictures from their community. This is why using local photos in all of your marketing efforts will help make them more effective. Whether they’re social media ads, online content or listings presentations, people love local and this is a good way to use it to your advantage.

5. Send Housewarming Gifts

Think about where they live or what they’re into and give them something that they’ll be able to use time and time again. For example, if they live near the beach, giving them a beach cruiser to enjoy the scenery would be a perfect gift! This is a great way to show that you appreciate their business as much as they appreciate you helping them find their new home. Plus, it will give them just another reason to refer you to their family and friends.

Remember these tips this summer season and you will surely stick out from the crowd.  For even more ways to use your local presence to generate more business, check out the free Rise to the Top: Be the Local Expert eBook!