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Tips to Nail Your Next Real Estate Video with Homes.comSeventy-three percent of sellers want to list their house with an agent who uses video (NAR). Furthermore, websites with videos are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google’s first page of results (Forrester Research). This is the power of video marketing, and it presents real estate professionals with a unique way of connecting with more clients and prospects.

Photos and descriptions can highlight the features of a property, but video offers a way to take it a step further. With that being said, there’s a lot more to creating a real estate video than simply filming each room on your phone and uploading it to the web. Potential buyers want to picture living in their new home, but they also want to envision how well that community fits their lifestyle.

Here are 5 tips to help you create your next real estate video and nail it!

1. Use the Right Tools

Recording a great real estate video doesn’t require a huge financial investment, but you will need a few tools to really create a masterpiece. Having a nice camera always helps, but the smartphone you carry around every day can also serve as a great video camera. Regardless of what camera you have, it’s important to always use a tripod because it will be hard for people to watch if the video is shaky. Another thing to keep in mind is the audio: be sure that you are using a microphone when talking over the video or interviewing someone featured in it. Lastly, you’ll need to create the final product with a video editing program. Luckily, there are plenty of free options like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker that are user-friendly and will make editing your video a walk in the park.

2. Talk about the Community

Where are the best restaurants? Are there activities for my children? These are the questions that potential buyers will ask when considering a move. Pique their interest from the start by answering these questions in your video and they’ll have a better first impression about the property. Another good way to promote the community is by getting the neighbors involved. Although it’s helpful for you to explain how great the area is, potential buyers would probably be more convinced if they hear it from someone that lives there.

3. Record Stock Videos

Once you get the hang of creating videos, you’ll want to create more of them in the future. Many of your listings will likely be in the same area, so it’s always a good idea to record stock videos. Be sure to film popular locations in the area like parks, schools, and restaurants, because they do a good job of portraying the community. Not only will a library of these videos give you content to use in every project, but it will significantly cut down on the amount of work required each time.

4. Film Unique Features

To really make a listing stand out in a video, always film its unique features. Granite countertops, pools or attractive outdoor areas are all great examples of what to include. Buyers want to picture what it’s like living in a home and the lifestyle that comes with it, so its important to highlight areas where they will spend most of their time entertaining friends and family. Think about what you would look for while searching for a home: would you rather see just another guest bedroom or a back deck with a built-in fireplace where you could sit and chat with your family?

5. Make a Personal Appearance

You want to position yourself as the face of the local real estate market, which is why you should always make a guest appearance in your videos.Take this opportunity to show off your real estate expertise, as you can share housing information like the data found in’s Local Market Reports. Once you’ve become known for creating videos for each of your listings, buyers and sellers will feel comfortable contacting you because they recognize you as the local expert!

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