HDC-Email-Tips-Blog-2311You’re stuck in traffic on your way to an open house. There’s a massive mound of contracts on the seat beside you needing your attention, a showing scheduled for later today, and 3 new leads who won’t answer their phones.

You don’t have time to meticulously sculpt a perfect email marketing message for each new lead right now; what you need is a game plan. Some way to catch these hard to reach leads without squandering your limited time on unresponsive leads over and over again.

How about setting up a drip email system? With drip emails, all you have to do is put your lead or client’s name and email address into the applicable email group and they’ll start getting emails from you automatically. Homes.com has dozens of prewritten emails available. You can start from there or create your own, custom email messages.

There are some important tips to keep in mind when you write your emails.

  • Create an Engaging Subject Line – When you send out an email – it’s a bit like knocking on someone’s door – they’re probably going to peek through the curtains before they open up. The subject line is a pulled back curtain – it allows your reader to see what you are offering before they open the door.
  • Ask Questions – Are your clients looking for a great deal in your area? Are they interested in learning about great homes in even better school zones? Catch their attention with questions. Don’t forget to offer a solution or answer to their questions in your email.
  • Have a Purpose – Don’t send emails just for the sake of it. Know your goal going in. Are you cultivating leads? Working to increase website traffic? Seeking referrals? Prospects? A new lead will need different information and links than a client who has already found the right home. Knowing your goal going in and planning accordingly can help you get better results.
  • Keep Your Client in Mind – You have a purpose and a goal, but so does your client. Make sure you are sending them interesting, relevant, or helpful information so that they continue coming back to you.
  • Call to Action – You know what you want, you’ve given your reader great content, now what? Call them to action. Tell them what you want them to do. “Click here for a free CMA.” “Call now to schedule a showing.” “Visit my website to search for listings.” “Email me for more information.”

When you dedicate a little time to writing emails now, you can save yourself a lot of time later, so that next time you’ve got a looming tower of contracts or just barely enough time for your showings, you won’t have to worry about someone falling through the cracks.

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