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Put down the coffee for 5 minutes! It’s time to improve the results you get from your Homes Connect website. Don’t worry, I will have you back to sipping that delicious beverage before it gets cold and hopefully following up on more leads before you need a refill.

You want more leads from your website right? – Of course you do, isn’t that the reason you have it in the first place! Here’s how simple it is to turn on your user registration so you capture leads whenever a visitor performs an IDX search: 

1. Open the Homes Connect Dashboard

2. Click on the Website tool

3. To the right, click on the “User Registration Options”

4. Decide how long you want to let visitors poke around on your site before requiring a registration

5. Make the changes and hit SAVE

6. Finally, you can go back to drinking your coffee and wait for the leads to pour in

Visitors already use your website, why not drive more leads by simply making them login? There’s a reason why 38% of agents now require users to register in order to use the IDX search feature. So stop giving way the milk for free, come back next month to learn how to make’s products work even better for you!