Looking for the perfect gift for a real estate agent in your life? Look no further! Here are some top gift ideas to help agents grow their business or relax after a long day.

  1. Real estate books

As technology advances and the economy shifts, the way real estate agents find leads, nurture their contacts, and even network with peers shifts. Real estate books can help agents find new ways to approach tested business strategies as well as explore new ways to build their business. 

  1. Home office upgrade

Many real estate agents are spending more time working from home than they have in the past. Whether they need a new printer, a filing cabinet, or a potted plant to make their space more inviting, this year is a great time to offer real estate agents a home-office-inspired gift! 

  1. Car accessories

Real estate agents spend a large portion of their time driving to and from listings, so gifts that can help them make the most of travel time are a great option! Some items that may make their commute time more enjoyable or productive include accessories to connect their phone to their car’s audio system, a roadside emergency kit, or car/trunk storage accessories.

  1. Audio/video equipment

Marketers have been harping on about the importance of video marketing for years now, but there’s still a fairly limited number of real estate agents creating video content. Help your agent step into the spotlight and become a local influencer with a smartphone-compatible microphone or light.

  1. Relaxation

A career in real estate can be very rewarding, but it isn’t without its stressors. Help the real estate agent in your life kick back and relax with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, a bottle of wine, or a gift basket filled with their favorite treats.

Real estate agents work hard, and finding the perfect gift for the other agents in your life isn’t always easy. Connect with a growing community of real estate agents in the Secrets of Top Selling Agents Facebook group to ask questions and join in on current conversations.