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Twitter is a perfect platform for building a real estate community online. Whether you are engaging prospective home buyers and sellers or following others in the real estate community, Twitter is a fun, simple and not to mention FREE way to interact with the real estate community.

Here are a few tips to get started using Twitter today:

1. Network with others tweeting within the real estate community. Start by following real estate pros in your local area to build your community. You can also search for other industry gurus nationwide to follow or send invitations to your friends to join Twitter and build your online real estate community.

2. Educate home buyers and sellers on real estate. You can use Twitter as a platform to educate others about real estate, especially first time home buyers. For example, you can post links to information available online, including tips on purchasing a home, stats on the state of your current local market or advice on beginning a home search. Tweets are an easy way for you to share information and generate conversations about your business expertise.

3. Create a community with your current clients. Invite your current clients to join Twitter, ask them to follow you and in return, follow them. It’s a perfect platform to share ideas, invite them to open houses, notify them of new listings, share links online and so much more.

To get started building your online real estate community, you can follow on Twitter here.