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Whether it’s a past client or a brand new lead that you hope becomes a client, you have reason to be thankful for their business. This time during the holidays is the best time to shout it from the rooftops!  But, if you are saving the rooftops for Santa and his reindeer, here are some other ways you can spread the holiday cheer and express your gratitude for your clients and prospects.

  1. REWARDS  – Say thank you to your fans on your social channels by announcing that you are giving away a special token of appreciation to one special fan on a certain day.  Be sure to follow all social media rules (i.e. Facebook Contest Policies).
  2. HAND WRITTEN – Although it may seem old fashioned in the digital age, hand written notes still offer the personal touch that commercial printed post cards and emails sometime lack. Plus, since they are less common now, handwritten notes are harder to forget. And, in the end, that’s what you want — to never be forgotten as the best and only real estate professional! Take some extra time this holiday season and write some well wishes to your clients.
  3. BRANDED GIFTS – ‘Tis better to give than to receive, but you’ve already gotten so much from your clients.  Depending on your what your budget allows, a small gift branded with your information for everyone may be doable.  Whether it be a notepad, pen, tumbler, or whatever, an everyday branded item could be the perfect choice!  Having your logo will keep you in their minds.

Saying thank you is extremely important; Michael Maher stressed this in one of his webinars with Secrets of Top Selling Agents . Click here to see what he recommends and register for his next webinar with Jack Cotton – The 13 Deadly Business Planning Mistakes.