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Going social and sharing your “stories” online has become a normal part of your day. Social platforms, like Instagram, are constantly releasing new updates to their features in the hopes of gaining new users and retaining the ones already using their platform. In recent months, Instagram has taken a leap forward and is creating innovative features for their Stories. These are the 3 Stories updates that you’re going to love using in your real estate business.

Your Stories Just Got Updated

Interactive Poll Stickers

Knowing what your followers are thinking has never been easier. It’s time to stop asking questions on your Stories expecting followers to reply by sending you a direct message with their response. With interactive 2-option poll stickers, you can ask a question on your Stories and let your followers automatically share their thoughts just by tapping the selection they feel most aligned with. Instagram even provides followers’ and users’ live results.

Poll stickers are a great way to target potential leads for your listings. For instance, if you have two listings available and want to find out who to market each listing to, try creating a split image of your listings, uploading it to your Stories, then inserting a poll sticker asking followers to vote for the home they like better. With live results, you can target leads with the listing information of the home they liked.

Go Live with a Friend

Instagram recently added the function of going live with a friend. This interactive tool allows users to broadcast live videos (like normal), but now you can add a guest to broadcast your live video with you from wherever they are. By opening your app, swiping right, then selecting live video, you can start your broadcast. To add a guest, you simply tap the new icon on the bottom right of the screen and tap “add” to invite anyone who’s currently watching.

Many Realtors® use live broadcasts to showcase their open houses or take followers on a live tour of their listings. By putting a team together, you can take audiences on multiple tours of homes across town without having to be in two places at once. You can also live stream the walkthrough, while your “guest” live streams the surrounding neighborhood showing audiences the amenities around the listing. The opportunities are endless when it comes to going live with a friend.

Older than 24 Hours

Previously, sharing content to your Stories was limited to photos and/or videos saved on your mobile device within 24 hours or taking those photos and videos directly through the app. This function made sharing content very limited if you aren’t an active user. However, Instagram just made it possible to pick from any photo or video in your camera roll, even if it is older than 24 hours.

By allowing content uploads older than 24 hours, you can now choose from all those listing photos and videos you have saved on your phone without the hassle of having to go and take new photos or footage. This feature is also a perfect match for creating content to use in your interactive polls.

As fewer and fewer people head outdoors during the winter, it is the perfect time to share your Stories to show followers, potential leads, and clients all your listings. However, getting caught up in the excitement of shooting live videos and creating polls on Instagram can lead to a forgotten Facebook. Let the experts of’s Social Fuel handle all your Facebook advertising needs. Social Fuel creates ads and posts social content for you so you can enjoy showcasing your listings on Instagram. Call us at (888) 651-8956 or send an email to to learn more about Social Fuel.