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Your team or brokerage is full of budding talent that you’re actively shaping into top agents. Still, there’s something to be said for experienced agents who have already proven themselves. The problem is, experienced agents are likely already attached to a brokerage or team. But that problem isn’t insurmountable. Those agents could be working with you. All you need is the right pitch.


Top agents can work for whoever they want. They don’t need you to be successful. That’s part of what makes them great. If you want them to work with you, you’ll need to give them good reasons. One of the best reasons will be your company’s image and culture.

Be transparent about the work environment. Is your office relaxed and informal or is the atmosphere more traditional? Are you known for your community outreach or for your aggressive social media strategy? Do the agents meet after work for drinks or is the atmosphere cutthroat competitive? There’s no right or wrong answer. Different agents will thrive in different work environments. Just be sure to tell possible recruits what they can look forward to in your office.

Before joining your office, top agents will also want to know exactly what you expect from them. Don’t be vague or coy about the role you want them to play, the work you need them to accomplish, or what you expect them achieve. Be very clear from the start about what they’ll do each day, as well as any future opportunities you may be able to offer.


Many top agents choose where they work based on the resources available to them. Figure out what you have to offer and use it to attract agents. Your tools, systems, and personnel are a big part of this. After all, most agents (especially top producers) would rather spend their time helping clients than picking a CRM, drafting emails for a drip email campaign, or maintaining a website.

Show agents how working with you will free up their time. Everything from your lead generation tools to your listing coordinator constitutes another reason top agents should work with you.


Your company culture and resources should be enough to lure the right people to your team, but occasionally you may need to sweeten the pot. Some offices offer cash, swag, or prime parking spots as added incentives for top agents. A good bonus structure and system for recognizing their accomplishments can be very beneficial in your bid to recruit top talent.

If an agent decides they don’t want to work with you, don’t take it personally. Work on building your business to make it a place top talent wants to be. If you need a broker partner who can help you attract top talent, look no further than! Find out how you can leverage’s presence in your market to drive transaction-ready buyers and sellers to your agents. Give us a call at (866) 796-6313 or send an email to to learn more!