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The more sales your agents make, the stronger your business becomes. Because of this, it’s natural to want to attract and work with experienced, proven agents. Still, there’s something to be said for helping your current agents grow into that role. Agents who haven’t yet made it big may be more flexible and open to learning new techniques. And with the right atmosphere, planning, and support, any agent can become a top producer.

Create the right atmosphere.

When you plant a seed, the soil conditions, temperature, and availability of sun and water will determine whether your new plant survives. The same can be said for the conditions of new or inexperienced agents. It’s your job to create an environment that promotes your agents and encourages them to grow.

Provide opportunities for your agents to learn new strategies. Invite real estate coaches to speak in your office or encourage your agents to attend office webinar screenings on new success strategies. You can also help your agents focus on sales by hiring support staff to take care of time-consuming tasks like placing signs, entering listings into the MLS, and sending mailings to leads and clients.

Identify strengths and weaknesses.

Even the best agents have aspects of the job they struggle with. Help your agents identify their strengths and weaknesses so they can leverage their skills and improve on their weak points. Encourage your agents to build teams with other agents who have complementary strengths to mitigate individual weaknesses and create an unstoppable real estate machine.

Once you know what each agent’s strengths and weaknesses are, celebrate their strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses. One way to achieve both is to have agents share tips or advice with others in the office. Try to encourage collaboration between the more successful agents and those who could use some pointers. Just remember, there are different ways to measure success.

Hold networking events.

While an agent can do the job on their own, a well-connected agent will typically have more opportunities for success. Help your agents get to know the movers and shakers in your area by hosting various networking events throughout the year. This could involve you inviting a host of bankers and bloggers to the next office party or it could be you teaming up with builders and contractors to create a series of first-time home-buyer seminars. Just create opportunities for your agents to mingle with people who could help them and their clients.

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