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Connecting with Empty NestersEmpty nesters are no longer working 40 hours per week, but they are finding plenty of ways to keep themselves busy during their retirement years. As a real estate professional, you need to be mindful of this demographic because they create many opportunities for you to grow your business. Whether they are looking for an investment property, a rental property or maybe just want to downsize because their kids have moved out, you should be there to provide them with the help they need!

For real estate professionals who have grown accustomed to targeting local buyers and sellers online, working with seniors that may not be as technically inclined may be a big change of pace for you. Here are three tips to connect you with empty nesters and help them with their real estate needs.

1. Get Involved

Whether it’s donating their time to nonprofits, homeless shelters or soup kitchens, seniors have a tendency to give back to the community once they have decided to retire. Consider sponsoring or donating to these organizations and try to get other employees, friends, family and clients involved, too! This will show your interest in helping to improve the community, while it also creates the opportunity to connect with these potential clients.

2. Go Where They Go

Since staying active is a top priority for most seniors, real estate professionals should try to gain visibility in the clubs and organizations in which they belong. Find out what events they are participating in and find a way to get involved. Advertise in places like local golf courses, tennis clubs and community centers, as they usually have senior-only events that would provide awesome exposure for your business. Don’t forget about book clubs, bingo nights and senior socials, because they also tend to draw in large groups of empty nesters.

3. Use Traditional Advertising Tactics

Online advertising is important for connecting with any buyer or seller, but seniors may not be as comfortable with technology. This makes print advertising an extremely effective medium for getting your message across to them. The Homes Connect Marketing platform offers a design center that allows you to create flawless brochures and flyers that are sure to grab the attention of prospective clients. Using these types of mediums will increase your chances of obtaining new clients because they are more likely to refer it than online ads or drip email campaigns.

Keep empty nesters in mind when you are creating a marketing plan and visit the blog to find more resources and tips on how you can connect with these potential clients!