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MENUMENU offers a great assortment of tools in the dashboard, tons of incredible branding opportunities, and a wealth of valuable training resources. But is that really why you use You may be thinking that these things are great bonuses, but in all reality, you’re here for leads. Check out these three easy steps to make sure you’re not letting any leads pass you by.

Step 1:

Audit your account to make sure it’s complete! You can call customer support at (866) 774-2947 for help finding any gaps in your profile or log in yourself to verify. Make sure your phone number, email address, and website url are correct. Turn on your text message alerts and pick five coverage areas. You should also take some time to come up with some strong information for your “about” section. Try to highlight what makes you unique or how you do things differently from other agents with similar qualifications in your area.

Step 2:

Send out some endorsement requests. Endorsements act as your letters of recommendation. They allow your previous clients to vouch for you and alleviate any misgivings potential clients may have about working with you. Once you receive an endorsement in your dashboard, you’ll get an email asking you to read and approve it!

Step 3:

Sign up for additional questions from buyers and sellers on A big part of is the Q&A section where buyers, sellers, and professionals can gather to network and share information. Make sure you’re involved so that you can brand yourself as the local expert and point anyone looking to buy or sell in the right direction. As an added benefit, if you are one of the top contributors in your area each month, you will receive a free ad at the top of the Q&A section with your information and links to your listings.

When working on converting the leads you get from, remember to be persistent! leads come in at all levels of the funnel. Some are ready to buy or sell right now, while others may still be months away from a deal. Be patient with them, and check back next month for information on using your tools to convert your leads. For information on paid lead solutions, contact us at 888-510-8795 or