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Blog-Image-HDC-Secrets-of-a-Top-Selling-Agent-Article_2296In September’s Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, Wendy Papasan, owner of Papasan Properties Group, shared some of her secrets on how to “Build a Big Business Quickly & Still Live.” Papasan is in her 6th year in real estate. Her team is on pace to close $50 million in residential sales this year and is ranked in the top 250 teams out of 250,000 Keller Williams agents. Papasan suggests that building good systems, hiring great people, and leveraging your time are the keys to helping you achieve a big business and a big life.

Time management is one of the pillars of Papasan’s success. A big part of her time management strategy involves building a great system. By building a procedure for handling your business now, you can free up a lot of time later when you have a larger business to handle. Papasan suggests that: “you maybe only have one contract [now], but think about it: your system and process, what would this look like if [you] had 20 contracts right now? And that will save you so much time and angst later.”

The people Papasan hires are also a huge part of both her business and personal success. “My goal is always to hire people who are more talented than I am. And they’re going to take you further than you ever will by yourself.” Papasan started her first full year of real estate with a 9-noon schedule to allow her to spend more time with her pre-school daughter in the afternoons. Having her daughter in daycare for the first part of the day allowed her time for concentrated focus on real estate. Meanwhile, one of the first jobs Papasan hired for her business was a Contracts-to-Close person who would take care of the contracts and track deadlines, freeing up a lot of time for Papasan to focus on other things.

Throughout her rise to success, Papasan has used leveraging as a key tactic to achieve both her personal and professional goals. One example she makes when referencing her children’s schedules: “a lot of the driving… it’s not necessarily quality time, its quantity time…you can hire someone to help you with that and give you a couple hours back in your day.” Papasan also suggests runners, showing assistants, a housekeeper, dry cleaning delivery, and a personal assistant, among many other ways to leverage your time. By hiring “as much help as you can afford as quickly as you can,” you can buy back your time so you can live a “Big Life.”

To learn more ways to leverage your time and build a big business and a big life, watch the free, webinar online. Also, make sure you register for the next Secrets webinar featuring Tom Ferry – 7 Key Trends In Real Estate on October 28,2015 at 1:00 PM EST.