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➲ Play Podcast: Fathers In Real Estate – Brian Copeland | Secrets Unplugged

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HDC-Fathers-Day-Blog-2493Last June, we sat down for a Secrets Unplugged interview with Brian Copeland. Copeland runs a brokerage of 250 agents and his own top-producing team of five. In addition to that, he is the father of two young children. In the interview, Copeland shared some great insights on being a father and a real estate agent.

Be Flexible:

One of the benefits of being a father and working in real estate is the flexibility to set your own schedule. When Copeland first entered real estate, he assumed he was going to be his own boss and set his own hours. He found out quickly it isn’t that cut and dry. Your buyers and your sellers become your boss, he said. He elaborated that “you do have flexibility, but it’s how you systemize and work within that flexibility that allows you to have the joy of working in this industry.”

Manage Time:

One way to create flexibility is through time management. One of Copeland’s recommendations is, “don’t ever let the consumer take over the scheduling.” When a client calls for a showing or a meeting, give them five or six choices that fit into your schedule and ask them which option works best. Never offer to meet same day.

He also recommends getting the systems and people in place to allow yourself family time. He has a caregiver watch his children from 9-2 each day. That’s when he gets the bulk of his work done. When he gets home, that’s family time. Copeland says that any calls or emails that come in during his children’s time can be handled once the kids are in bed.

Be Present:

Whether at home with the kids, catching up on paperwork in the office, or on-the-go with clients, it’s important to be “not just there, but fully present.” With so many demands on your time, it’s important to make the most of each minute. Copeland observes that “it’s amazing what you can accomplish in 30 minutes if you’re truly, truly concentrated on that task.”

Don’t let emails and phone calls distract you from time with your kids and your clients. Live and work in the moment and set up time to return calls and emails later. Copeland stresses that “whoever’s in front of me is the most important thing” and makes it a point to make them his priority.

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➲ Play Podcast: Fathers In Real Estate – Brian Copeland | Secrets Unplugged

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