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HDC-Fed-Social-Valintines-741x388-2375Valentine’s Day is almost here! While you may have your plans set with your sweetheart (if not, you should probably do that immediately), you may not have thought about doing something for your clients. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to reconnect with those you’ve worked with in the past and to show appreciation for those you’re helping now. Here are three easy ways to show these people how much they mean to you and remind them of what makes you such a great agent.

1. Share the love 
Social media guru,
Katie Lance, is known for not only her great tips, but also for her bubbly personality. One of her suggestions is to share the love with your clients on your social pages. On Valentine’s Day and throughout the weekend, post things that can help your clients, such as your favorite bistro in the area, the best park for your pup, or a new book you read that helped you tackle your cluttered closet. Don’t forget to tag these places or things in your posts so you can show your appreciation.

2. Send valentines 
Remember the cheesy Valentine’s Day cards you exchanged in grade school? Bring back the fun by sending silly cards to your clients to let them know you appreciate their business or your prospects to let them know you’re thinking about them. If you’re running a little behind and want to avoid snail mail, you can
create your own ecard and send it straight to your valentine’s inbox. Here’s one of our favorites:

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.01.34 PM


3. Buy a little bubbly 
Purchase a bottle of champagne for each of your current clients. While hand delivering them adds a personal touch, shipping them will also show that you’re thinking about them. Lance suggests
attaching a note to each bottle that says something like, “Put this bottle on ice. I can’t wait to crack it open and celebrate your new home with you!”

Whatever you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we hope you know how much we appreciate you. We hope you don’t think we’re being too forward, but this year, we want you to be our Valentine! Follow us on Twitter or be our friend on Facebook so we can stay in touch throughout the year.