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Do you know someone who wants to break free of the nine-to-five, set their own hours, and be their own boss? A career in real estate may be just what they’re looking for! To become a real estate agent, you just have to be eighteen years old (nineteen in some states), be a legal US resident, complete prelicensing education, and pass a licensing test. Some people who may excel in real estate include recent grads, parents, and people coming from a second career.
Recent Grads
Realtors® are some of the most educated professionals in America, with 93% having some level of post-secondary education. In a tight job market, finding good opportunities right out of college can be tricky. As a real estate agent, you’re your own boss; no interview required. You also have the benefit of unlimited success potential. Your income and vacation time aren’t limited by how long you’ve been in business or whether someone else asked off first. You set the hours you want to work and your income is dependent on your own success and drive.
Once you’ve changed a few thousand diapers and handled a few public meltdowns from a tired toddler, negotiating a real estate deal doesn’t seem all that scary. A real estate career strikes a good balance for many families. Because you’re the boss, you can arrange to be home by the time the kids get off the school bus in the afternoon; you set your own hours. Having kids can even help your business. After all, your sphere of influence covers everyone from past teachers to the other parents of your kids’ club or sporting events. Chances are some of them will be buying or selling a home soon.
Second Career-ers
If you’ve grown tired of the same old day-in, day-out routine, you may want to consider switching to a real estate career. Only 4% of Realtors® started out with a career in real estate. The other 96% started out in management, business, finance, sales, retail, education, healthcare, and a wide range of other industries before they decided it was time for a change. The people you met and skills you gained in your current career are often invaluable in launching a successful real estate career.
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