An open house is a great way to show off how special your listing is and how much fun potential buyers can have there if they make it their own. Since it’s spring, why not add a fun seasonal twist to your listing with one of these open house themes? Read on for ideas for decorations, activities, and treats to make your next open house more memorable, impress sellers with your marketing, and make your listings stand out to potential buyers.


Holiday-themed open houses can be particularly fun. For an Easter-themed open house, start by incorporating some Easter-themed decorations around your listing. Tulips and lilies are popular flowers for Easter. Hide some eggs in the yard for your visitors to find and decorate with Easter baskets. You can also fill plastic eggs with your business card and candy and offer them as gifts for visitors to take with them.


Whether you prefer flower gardens or vegetable patches, spring is the season for gardening. A gardening-themed open house should incorporate plenty of plants throughout the listing, both inside and out. You can also add stickers with your contact information to some potted plants that visitors can take with them. That way, they’ll have your contact information the whole planting season. Another option is to work a gardening demonstration or class into your open house. Use the opportunity to discuss DIY landscaping or how to grow your favorite type of vegetation.

Spring Showers

Rain is a big part of spring, so why not incorporate the rainy season into your open house plans this spring? Decorate with rain boots, rubber duckies, and provide umbrellas or single-use ponchos with your branded sticker on them. You can also set out rain-themed snacks, like mini chocolate pies with gummy worms on top (for mud puddles), cupcakes with umbrellas on top, or a rainbow themed fruit tray.

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We hope that your open houses will be fun and successful this spring. If you have open house themes you have used in the past, we would love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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