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To be successful in real estate, it is equal parts selling houses and selling yourself. This means that advertising your brand is just as essential as advertising your listings. When it comes to advertising, exposure is great – but producing results is even better.

The Buyer Connect program has three key ingredients to give you both the exposure you want and the results you need.

Brand Exposure

Every day, millions of buyers are turning to the Internet to start the home buying process. To put your brand in front of local homebuyers, Buyer Connect includes a display ad that showcases you as the local expert in the search results for the respective zip code(s). Rotation in the ad is based on the amount of shares purchased for that area. This means that your brand comes up more often and is seen by more active buyers so lock out your competition by buying all the shares in your zip code!


When it comes to leads, it’s about quality at  In fact, Real Trends 2013 Online Performance Study concluded that is the “clear front runner in quality followed by Zillow” and other real estate sites.  Buyer Connect routes these active consumers to you in two ways. First the display ad has a contact form, which consumers can fill out to ask you for help in the area. Secondly, when buyers find a particular home that they are interested in, they complete the contact form located on the listing detail page and the leads are sent directly to you!

Lead Management Tools

Lead conversion is the third crucial ingredient to achieving exposure and results for your brand. provides tools to manage your leads, including a contact management system and email marketing center to easily stay in touch with your network. More importantly, though, Buyer Connect leads are sent directly to your email with the contact information and property address information you need to act quickly and build a relationship with that buyer. Ninety-three percent of buyers rated ‘responsiveness’ as a very important quality for agents. Further, another study recently confirmed that a response time of less than five minutes led to higher lead contact rates and on average, a 57% higher conversion rate for online leads.

Extend your brand’s exposure and convert quality leads to relationships with Buyer Connect!  Contact us today at (866) 675-1058 or visit our website to get started!


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