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Here at, we know there are many challenges facing brokerages in the current marketplace, and one particularly difficult challenge is increasing agent productivity. As a broker you must properly equip agents with the needed skills and tools, as well as inspire them to be productive members of the team. This is not only essential to your business as a whole, but to your bottom line also. As real estate heads into the busy summer season, applying some of these business strategies will help motivate and empower your agents and increase their productivity.

1. Creating Competition

Competition drives people to grow, overcome odds, and achieve goals. Creating healthy competition in the office is a great way to motivate your agents to produce more, but it will also re-energize your workforce. Think about small contests like, “the agent that gets the first signed contract wins a $100.00 gift card,” or “the agent that gets the first referral this month wins a $25.00 Starbucks gift card.” These small goals and monetary incentives can go an extremely long way in lighting that productive fire within your agents.

2. Invest in Your Agents

A recent article in target=”_blank”>Forbes pointed out that investing in your workforce makes good business sense. Investing in your current work force not only sends a good message of care and concern, but also helps you recruit and retain top talent. One great example of how to reinvest in your staff is by routing your inquiries to them directly. Routing leads directly to your agents instills trust and appreciation. You could also use suggestions from our first point and possibly start a competition between your agents with this inquiry information.

3. Providing the Necessary Tools

Within your Broker Connect platform, there are already a number of resources available to your agents that will help them be more productive. For example, adding photos to listings will help the ranking on the listing site, the more relevant pictures the higher a particular listing will rank. Also, making sure all their listings are properly branded with your company logo as well as their correct agent information is essential to reach potential clients. Combined with the exclusivity of a Featured Listings spot on, you can truly maximize their listing exposure and your company’s branding. Another great option is exploring the new Mobile Local Ad spots available through for mobile internet users. This program has just been released so advertising opportunities in all large markets are available for both you as a broker or your agents individually.


The marketplace may be ever changing, but helping your agents tough out the slow times and prepare for the busier ones will help everyone–and your business–in the long run. If you have any questions about anything mentioned here, please contact us at is prepared to help you and your expanding company every step of the way!