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HDC-Digital-Farming-Blog-v1-2430With everyone on their phones all the time, it can be tough to get people to notice the billboard or bench signs you’ve carefully and strategically placed throughout your market. That raises the question, how can you reach buyers and sellers in your area when everyone is glued to their phones and tablets? You’ve heard a lot about geographic farming, but what do you know about digital farming?

  1. Localize Your SEO

Everyone wants to show up on the first page of search results for their city, but with so much competition, it can take years of consistent SEO building to get to the first page. However, by optimizing your site to show up in small, specific areas, such as waterfront homes near Lincoln Park or Homes for Sale in Washington Estates, you can achieve great search results a lot sooner. If you can rank on the first page of search results for the city too, that’s awesome, but start by focusing on a few smaller, more specific areas such as neighborhoods or zip codes in your city.

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  1. Get Social

Social networks are the place to be online. Most, if not all of your clients are spending hours each week scrolling through various feeds looking for posts that grab their attention. In the past, social ads were big, obvious, and easily ignored. Now, social sites have figured out how to seamlessly integrate ads that, content willing, people will want to click on. Also, now that social sites are offering localized ads, you can target potential leads by age, income, location, interests, and keywords, allowing you to target people who are actually interested in buying and selling in your area, rather than just a random assortment of people.

  1. Set Up Landing Pages

Don’t just send the leads you generate from your social ads to your website’s home page. When you have a seller click on an ad offering a free CMA, they should go to a page dedicated to seller CMAs. If it’s a military buyer clicking on an ad for homes for sale 15 minutes off base, the page they go to should reflect that. That’s where landing pages come into play: check out Chris Smith’s Landing Page Tips to Help You Generate More Leads for more landing page tips.

Another great way to generate leads is to sign up for Local Connect. This program allows you to market yourself in specific zip codes on standard listings and property value (CMA) requests. Call us at 888-510-8795 or email us at to learn more about how can help you reach your digital farming goals!