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HDC-3-DIY-Projects-2200As the recent Google Mobilegeddon proved, your Homes Connect Fusion™  website templates were built from the ground up to keep your website looking great in today’s mobile environment. But just because your Fusion website comes mobile ready right out the box does not mean that it is personalized to your business. The good news is you can quickly add a personal touch to your homepage with little to no technical expertise. If you are able to upload a new listing to your MLS, then you are more than qualified to complete these three DIY projects. In fact, all three of these projects can be done in less time than it takes to upload a listing to your MLS system.

  • Change the “Request More Info” contact form

Simple changes in the call-to-action can make a huge difference in the number of conversions you get from your real estate website. Use messaging that will speak to your target audience. Not only can you change the message, you can add a photo or even embed a video if you want.

  • Add a Mortgage Calculator

Looking for a new home is more than just looking at pictures. Buyers like to “run the numbers” and get comfortable with the financial commitment. Your Homes Connect Fusion website comes with a great, built-in mortgage calculator, but it is not on the homepage. You have a couple of options to add a mortgage calculator to your home page. First, you could insert a prominent link to the mortgage calculator page, like “Click Here to Calculate Your Future Mortgage Payments.” The other option is to add a widget directly to your homepage using HTML code. Whoa – “You said I did not need any technical expertise”. Well, if you can copy and paste, then we have your HTML code all ready for you. Check out this previous article about adding a widget.

  • Personalize the Featured Searches

Warning – this is probably the most time consuming personalization option, but it’s likely to have the largest impact on your website both visually and functionally. The Featured Searches come preset on Fusion Templates with searches like “Single Family,” which are useful, but are not personalized to your local area or the type of homes you sell. With just a little time and thought you can tweak the list of Featured Searches to offer visitors a few different niche searches like “Homes with a Pool” or “At Least 1 Acre Lot.” Go one step further and add a local feel by swapping out the stock photos for your own local photos.

You don’t have to be a computer programmer to give your website a personal touch, and it doesn’t have to turn into a full time job either. These simple DIY projects will add style and function to your website that will have your visitors more engaged and coming back for years. Get the step-by-step instructions for these and many other DIY website projects on