It’s a new year, and that may mean you have clients who are preparing to put their home on the market. With each new year, there are new style trends that can help define a home and how it will sell. As the Realtor®, it is your job to help your clients stay up to date with the latest trends so they can get the most from their home sale.

With a little bit of research, we found three trends that will help your client sell their home. Grey and neutral tones, metal accents and a new rule, the 90/10 rule, are sure ways for your clients to get a jump in making their listing stand out.

Grey & Neutral Tones

In 2019, we recommend grey and neutral tones when trying to sell your client’s home. There are many opportunities to include these tones in the staging of a listing.

In a bedroom, painting the walls and replacing the sheets and comforter of the bed are an easy way to incorporate these colors. In a bathroom, painting the walls grey is a sure way to make the white of the tub or sink pop. In a kitchen, taking out all of the pops of color and replacing with neutral color decorations is a great way to help modernize the kitchen to keep it warm and contemporary.

Metal Accents

Knowing what kind of accents to add to a home when trying to stage it for the real estate market can be tough. Metal accents add a little bit of class to a home while keeping with the contemporary style.

With a wide range of accents ranging from polished brass to aged iron, there are almost limitless ways to incorporate metal accents into your staging. Brass can be used in furniture accents, kitchen cabinet hardware, or even in light fixtures. Other metals such as pewter and silver, can work well with darker-toned furniture.

Adding these bold metals to the decor of a home is a great way to make sure that your listing is warm and inviting. It also helps showcase decorating possibilities for potential buyers.

90/10 – 90% White 10% Color

The 90/10 rule is a great option for those who don’t enjoy grey tones or metal accents in a home. This staging technique involves using 90% white and 10% color in your staging. This means the majority of your client’s furniture or decor should be white, but you add a pop of color with the remaining 10%.

With white walls, your clients can add any pop of color that they would like. Any pop of color will help create a bright and inviting home when buyers tour the listing. For example, the bedrooms could have colorful accents such as colored sheets or drapes, while the living rooms may have boldly-colored pillows on the couches.

Staging a home to be perfect for a listing can be difficult when it comes to the newest trends. But, with some help, you can help your clients prepare their home to look its best and be ready for a 2019 listing. To help your clients with the home decor of their listing, check out our Home Decor E-Guide here.