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We’re continuing our look at creating a successful marketing plan for real estate professionals like you in the upcoming year. If you missed part 1, take a look back to catch up! For all you real estate brokers out there, we’ve got a special post just for you.

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Getting (and keeping) top talent should be a high priority for any top brokerage.  In order to attract and retain top performers, you must equip your agents with the right tools for them to succeed.  The days of just handing agents a pen and giving them a desk with a phone line are long gone.  As a broker, you should ask yourself the following questions: What solutions am I providing my agents that will foster productivity? Are we creating a good work environment? How are we helping our agents connect with local consumers? Once you start identifying some of these questions you will have a better idea of how you can improve this year. understands that top performing brokers need to connect with consumers, improve profitability, and recruit and retain top talent – and do it all on a budget! had a record traffic year in 2012 and we are poised for even more growth in 2013! If your 2013 goals involve operating more effectively, from prospecting through sales and referrals, has you covered! If you’re interested in learning more contact us at; your local broker specialist will go over all of the opportunities and values that can offer your brokerage.

Good luck in 2013 – may you find all the marketing success you deserve!