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Welcome to our new format – the 2-minute real estate coach! In today’s challenging market, subscribers are telling us their concerns:

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We hear you! With our new format, we’ve teamed up with our sister company to offer today’s best ideas and success strategies from the industry’s leading real estate professionals and coaches. Send comments this way:
Are you making the most of every meeting, proposal, and presentation with your marketing products? Real estate information is all over the Internet today, but does it really deliver what buyers and sellers need – and you need – to be successful?

Here are a few thoughts on how real estate pros can take back the information advantage while building their brands and delivering the first-rate service buyers and sellers expect from a full-service real estate professional:

Knowledge is (earning) power

Today’s top real estate pros know how to compete with information overload on the Internet and turn it to their advantage. Buyers and sellers need a trusted guide to transforming information overload into valuable knowledge. To solve the “too much information, not enough understanding” problem for prospects and clients, it’s important to know the difference between data, information, and knowledge:

Data is unstructured bits of information, such as the MLS printouts some agents give their customers.

Information might be defined as organized data. Examples include maps, graphs or charts that help buyers and sellers see relationships and make comparisons.

Knowledge is information that can be acted on to make better buying and selling decisions (and results in higher satisfaction, with you, their agent).

It’s your role to package, personalize and interpret information for your prospects and clients. Is this neighborhood more or less expensive than my current one?  Are the schools better here? Can I afford the taxes? Real estate knowledge that answers practical questions helps you win business.

The best way to make complex information quick and easy to understand is to make it visual.

Visual impact = financial impact
Many people are visual learners, and the best way to present real estate knowledge to them is visually. Buyers expect photos, video, virtual tours, and interactive maps to help them select or reject properties quickly and easily. Younger buyers who play 3D computer games and watch special-effects movies in high definition are unimpressed with columns and rows of data from an MLS printout.

Important: In addition to helping you win business, neighborhood knowledge can also help you avoid mistakes like steering issues. You can’t say whether a specific school is good or bad. But you can deliver a report comparing SAT scores, graduation rates, student-to-faculty ratios and other information that can help their clients decide.

Eager to show off their knowledge, many less-experienced real estate pros spend lots of time feeding their opinions to their clients. More seasoned agents know that buyers and sellers trust their own judgment above all, and help them arrive at their own conclusions. The result is often a smoother transaction and clients who are more comfortable with the buying and selling decisions they have made.