A lot of real estate trainers tell agents that all you have to do to make a video is develop a no excuses attitude and “just do it!” That may be inspiring to agents who are already confident, but doesn’t really help agents who don’t have that initial level of video confidence. According to Deb Helleren, Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar host of over a decade, anyone can develop video confidence, especially real estate salespeople. “Most real estate agents already have sunny personalities and love helping others, so they should be very good at building their confidence,” explained Helleren. So, here are some helpful tips to build your video confidence, before you hit record!

  1. Talk About What You Know.

It’s easier to talk about things you’re familiar with or have a passion for, so stick to those topics when you’re starting out with videos. Talk about local news, events, or history, address your real estate niche, or just talk about yourself and what makes your approach to real estate unique and valuable with a personal introduction.

  1. Scripting

Knowing what you’re going to say before you hit the record button can dramatically reduce the number of filler words like “um” and “er” that work their way into your video. Write out or make bullet points listing topics and points you want to make in your video so that once you do start recording, it will be easier to establish a rhythm and flow that make you more comfortable when you do start speaking.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Make sure you’re ready to film by practicing what you’re going to say, finding out how close you need to be to the camera to be heard by the microphone, and selecting one or two reasons why you are making this video. Your reasons will give you enthusiasm which you can channel into confidence on camera.

  1. Find Your Best Light.

Everyone has something about themselves they’re self conscious about, but instead of saying video isn’t for you, find a way to work around your perceived flaws. You may find that a different camera angle, zooming in or out, or adding some extra lighting makes you feel more confident.

  1. Look and Dress for Confidence.

As the saying goes, “the clothes make the man.” Figure out what colors and styles look good and fill you with confidence. A little make-up and hair attention is can also get you in the right mindset for a good filming session. Just remember not to stress over your looks. Putting too much or too little time into your physical looks can make you overly self-conscious while filming.

  1. Remember Who Your Video is for.

Remember who you are doing this video for. Putting your attention on your clients will help you shift your attention off of yourself and your insecurities. Visualize your past and future clients and think about the kind of questions they seek answers for and why you want to help them.

  1. Affirmations.

Think some positive thoughts before you start recording to help boost your positive attitude. Affirmations like “I am a great agent” “I love helping people” and “this is my dream job” can help you get in the right mindset for shooting a video.

  1. Smile.

The thing about smiles is that they can often be self-fulfilling. Putting on a smile can make you feel happier and more confident. It can also bring your energy up, gives you a friendlier tone, ease your nerves, and make you more interesting to watch.

  1. Get Some Energy Out.

A lot of people get fidgety and nervous when they feel self-conscience or out of their comfort zones. You can alleviate the nervousness by doing a little exercise to get your energy up before you start shooting. Deep breathing can also help ground you and keep your body engaged so your mind can focus on sharing your message.

  1. Keep it Conversational.

If you’re nervous, staring into your video camera isn’t going to help much. Try bringing in a partner or co-host for your video. They can ask you questions, prompt you, and otherwise interact with you to help you take your video from awkward monologue to a conversation between friends.

There are a lot of reasons you should be using real estate videos to reach more buyers and sellers. Videos are personable and authoritative while being unique and entertaining. They’re affordable, popular with buyers and sellers, and easy to track so you can figure out what works and what doesn’t in your market. For more tips on video marketing, check out our past Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinars here!