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It’s Customer Service Week! Each day we’ll be posting a Customer Service tip on the blog to help YOU “be the one” to make a difference for your clients!

Happy Customer Service Week! At our office, we’ve broken customer service down into TEN POINTS for us to focus on this week as we strive to “be the one” that changes the lives of our customers.

1. Make a Difference — Work toward bringing your customers to a different, better state than they were before they reached out to you.

2. Share a Smile — This simple gesture can brighten anyone’s day!

3. Show You Care — It’s not enough to simply tell your clients how much you care about them. Let your actions speak for themselves!

4. Spread the Joy — Happiness is most effective when shared with others.

5. Listen Deeply — No one knows your clients’ needs like your clients. Being an effective listener is one of the best ways to care for them.

6. Customers Turn To — Be the one that people want to go to by taking your responsibilities and knowledge seriously.

7. Practice Patience — The real estate industry can be stressful at times. Look at each stressful situation as an opportunity to practice the art of patience.

8. Lead the Way — Be confident in your knowledge and experience and be a leader for your clients to follow.

9. See Things Through — Being able to close a deal is the ultimate move in customer service!

10. Offer Help — Even if a client doesn’t ask for help, offer to be of service so they can know you’re here for them no matter what they need.